The Mongol Rally

The Mongol Rally, a race which brazenly describes itself as 'The Greatest Motoring Adventure on the planet'. In essence it's a simple dawdle, reminiscent of every American high school movie's road trip. Except that it starts in London. And ends in the lush oasis that is the Siberian Steppe. Over 10,000 miles away.

Did we mention it was in a hatchback?

Closer to resembling a Top Gear special than your typical Summer holiday, the Rally sees a hundred or so vehicles every year attempt the bold, brave or downright stupid challenge (depending on outlook) for nothing more than to raise a few quid for charity, and to blast their future life insurance premiums into orbit. With the rules clearly stating a complete lack of event support throughout the rally and no real directions or guidance on how to get there, the only real rule is that it has to be a laughably rubbish car, of 1.2l or less, more akin to your gran's Fiat Panda than a Sahara smashing monster of a 4x4.

Initially started to help transport used fire engines, ambulances and other utility vehicles to Mongolia to aid their public services, the event has grown considerably since it was started in 2001. However since nobody (Mongolians included) need several hundred knackered tiny cars every year, the Rally team have moved the finish line from the traditional UlaanBataar in Mongolia to Ulan Ude, Siberia's closely situated international hub, in order to allow teams to transport their vehicles home. 

However the Rally still holds its initial spirit at heart.

Be wild. Be free. And try not to roll your broken, roofless Reliant Robin in the middle of the Steppe.

Interested in what we're doing? Or fancy an arse numbingly long 6 weeks yourself?

Check out the Mongol Rally website