Keep Track of Us!

Below you'll find out the many ways to keep track of us as we pinball across the world! Laugh as we get stuck in one of the Steppe's innumerable rivers. Cry whenwe share some genuinely heartfelt moments with the locals. Cringe as Callum falls off the roof of a moving car for th third time in a week.

But remember, the journey doesn't start when we depart in a glorious cloud of sketchy engine smoke in our battered car. It has already begun!


Everyone is hooked on social media these days, and we're no exception. Check our Facebook page for team updates hot off the press! We'll be posting our blog updates there first too, so it's probably the best place to keep up to date on the team's goings on.

Adventurists Blog

The adventurists site itself not only posts a weekly update of the ongoing shenanigans, but also allows us to post our own blog updates. We promise it's more gripping than a John Grisham novel and better written than buzzfeed. Check out the Adventurists website and search for "Don't Tell Mum"


Who doesn't love seeing our lovely faces in as many mediums as possible? Check out our #artsy #nofilter #photos on #instagram. #hashtag



Instead of looking of videos of cats while pretending to work, why not check us out? We'll be uploading all our videos there as soon as we can!